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WH Medical 'Brandkompresse' Container

Wehrmacht Medical 'Brandkompresse' Container. The metal container is not visible maker marked or dated. The container is slightly dented. The container is approximately 11,5cms high and is having a diameter of 4,5cms. Nice original item!

€ 30,00

Dutch 'WA / SS' Wolf-Hook Pin

Dutch 'WA / SS' Wolf-Hook Pin (Wolfsangel speld). The complete pin is approximately 40mm long and the wolfhook is fairly large with a size of 20mm. Nice and decorative original sympathy pin in good condition!

€ 65,00

Miniature KVK 1st Class without Swords

Miniature War merit cross 1st class without Swords (Kriegsverdienstkreuz 1. Klasse ohne Schwerter). This is the 9mm version, the tombak miniature is not visible maker marked. The miniature shows stunning details. Nice original miniature!

€ 40,00

German 'Nivea Creme' Tin

Nice original example of the well known German 'Nivea Creme' Tin. The empty tin is sized approximately 9,5 cms in diameter. Original priced at 'RM 1.-' (Reichsmark). The empty tin is in good used condition. Nice original personal kit item!

€ 35,00

'Bandspange' for the Air Defence Honor Badge

'Bandspange' for the Air Defence Honor Badge (Luftschutz-Ehrenzeichen 2.Stufe). The Bandspange is of the larger 2,5 cms wide version and is in good used, naturally fully functional, condition. Nice 'Bandspange' to upgrade a tunic with!

€ 15,00

German Pipe Tobacco Package

German full pipe tobacco package 'Tip Top' from the company of 'Martin Brinkmann K.G.' from Bremen. Complete with intact 'banderolle' showing the German Eagle. Nice and decorative original package in good unissued condition!

€ 30,00

Luftwaffe Pilots Badge - 'Brüder Schneider'

Luftwaffe Pilots Badge (Flugzeugführerabzeichen). The tombak badge is nicely maker marked by the company of the 'Brüder Schneider A.G.' from Wien, this is the variant with full maker mark. Nice original badge in good used condition!

€ 895,00

Spanish 'Blue-Division' Commemorative Medal

Spanish 'Blue-Division' Commemorative Medal (Erinnerungsmedaille für die spanischen Freiwilligen im Kampf gegen den Bolschewismus). Marked with number '1' indicating production by the company of 'Deschler & Sohn' from München. Nice original medal in very good condition!

€ 195,00

Luftwaffe 'Erdkampfabzeichen'

Luftwaffe 'Erdkampfabzeichen' (Luftwaffe Ground Combat Badge). The badge is not visible maker marked, it can most likely be attributed to the company of 'Arno Wallpach' from Salzburg. The grey paint looks touched up. Nice original badge in good used condition!

€ 225,00

Dutch 'Buitenmodel' Officer's Overseas Cap

Dutch 'Buitenmodel' Officer's Overseas Cap (Veldmuts voor Officieren). The cap is having golden piping and a metal orange coloured number '8' attached as intended for an officer within the 8th Regiment Infantry. Nice original overseas cap in very good condition!

€ 145,00

Dutch 'Buitenmodel' Tunic Grouping

Dutch 'Buitenmodel' tunic grouping as intended for a 1st Lieutenant within the Infantry. The grouping is consisting of his large size tunic and matching pair of breeches as found together, made by the tailor 'B.Schoemaker' from 's Gravenhage (The Hague). Beautiful original Dutch tunic!

€ 695,00

Dutch 'Sam Browne' Belt & Sword Hanger

Dutch 'Sam Browne' Belt (Draagriemstel M.28) and Sword Hangers (Sabeldrager). The Sam Browne was a privately purchased belt & cross-strap set and was worn with the 'Buitenmodel' tunics. Nice set in good used condition!

€ 125,00

WH M31 Canteen and Cup 'MN44'

This is a nice late war Wehrmacht M31 Canteen and Cup (Feldflasche 31 und Trinkbecher). Red painted steel canteen with gabardine cover, complete with steel cup. The canteen is nicely maker marked and dated 'MN44'. Nice original late war canteen in good used condition!

€ 165,00

5 Willrich 'Schulsammlung' Postcards in Paper Cover

This is a nice set of 5 original period colour postcards made by W.Willrich. These postcards were part of the series 'Spende für die VDA-Schulsammlung 1940'. The postcards come with a hard to find paper cover. Nice and decorative original postcards with unique cover!

€ 125,00

Dutch so-called 'Kolbakzak'

Dutch so-called 'Kolbakzak' which was an empty sack worn on top of the black seal fur 'Kolbak' hat. The red woolen sack with yellow piping is in good used condition. Hard to find part to complete your Kolbak with, priced accordingly!

€ 45,00

Dutch Backpack - 'Ransel Model 1915'

Dutch EM's Type Backpack M15 (Ransel Model 1915). The backpack is nicely marked and dated with 'C.M. 1918'. The backpack is complete with leather mess-kit straps. Nice original Dutch backpack in good used condition!

€ 150,00

Pair of Dutch Officer's Belt Loops

Nice pair of Dutch Officer's Belt Loops (Koppelpassanten). Executed in brown leather. The belt loops are both marked with a 'T'. Nice original pair in very good condition!

€ 65,00

Dutch Red Cross Helmet

Dutch Red Cross Helmet (Stalen Helm Model 34). The helmet is complete with its original damaged and repaired leather liner and chinstrap. Due to the damaged liner I've priced this helmet accordingly!

€ 125,00

Dutch Biscuit Tin 1938

Dutch Biscuit Tin 1938 (Koekblik). The tin is sized approximately 23 x 21,5 x 5,5 cms. The empty tin is nicely maker marked by the company of 'N.V. Paul C.Kaiser' from Rotterdam (Holland) and dated 1938. Decorative original item!

€ 75,00

Hitler-Jugend Ankle Boots

Rare original pair of German Hitler-Jugend lace-up Ankle Boots (Schnürschuhe). The shoes are size '35' and the sole is maker marked with 'Bernhardiner Stiefel'. The boots are in good mint and unissued condition. Hard to find pair of HJ Shoes!

€ 295,00

'Volk und Rasse' Magazines 1936

'Volk und Rasse' Propaganda Magazines, edition 1 to 5 from January to May 1936. This monthly periodical promoted the nazi racial theory. These were published by the 'J. F. Lehmanns Verlag' from Munich. Rare and hard to find set of original propaganda magazines in good used condition!

€ 95,00

K98 Leather Rifle Sling

K98 Leather Sling (98K Trägeriemen), complete with leather retaining tab. The small leather loop is regrettably missing. The brown leather sling is not visible maker marked or dated. Hard to find original k98 sling in good used condition!

€ 175,00

Late War Wehrmacht Mess Kit M31

German Mess Kit M31 (Kochgeschirr 31). Nice late war aluminum and steel construction mess kit, marked with 'MN44' indicating production in 1944. The mess kit still retains almost all of its original paint. Nice example in good used condition!

€ 95,00

Adolf Hitler Postcard

Nice original photo postcard (Propaganda-Postkarte) showing a portrait of Adolf Hitler. The postcard has a beautiful unique Braunau 50th birthday of the Führer ink-stamp ('Braunau,1889-1939 - 20.4.1939, 50. Geburtstag des Führers' Sonderbriefmarke). Nice original postcard!

€ 25,00

Luftwaffe Leutnant Portrait Photograph

Nice sharp portrait photo of a Luftwaffe Leutnant wearing his Waffenrock. A Luftwaffe Pilot's Badge, Iron Cross 1st Class, Squadron Clasp for Reconnaissance Personal, a Black Wound Badge and 3-piece medal bar are visible. Unique portrait photograph of a highly decorated Luftwaffe Leutnant! 

€ 75,00

Dutch Soldier's Handbook

Dutch Soldier's Handbook (Handboek voor den Soldaat). This is part 1, published in 1935 by the Royal Military Academy in Breda. Nice original soldier's instruction book in good used condition!

€ 20,00

Waffen-SS 'Germania' Group Photo

This is a postcard size Waffen-SS 'Germania' group photo showing 4 Waffen-SS soldiers wearing their SS tunics. An "SS Germania" cufftitle is partly visible on one of the soldiers. The photograph measures approximately 14 x 9 cms in size. Interesting original photograph!

€ 25,00

NSDAP Funeral Sash

RESERVED NSDAP Funeral Sash. The wax paper material sash is sized approximately 200 x 13,5 cms. The banner is having a machine stitched on white carton-based roundel with a black printed swastika to each end, each end is trimmed with silver wire fringe. Example in good unissued condition!

€ 100,00

Pistole 08 'Luger' Weapen Manual

Nice original German Pistole 08, also known as 'Luger' folding card style manual called the "Die Pistole 08" (Wa2) Waffentafeln. This six-panel card manual provides a complete explanation of the theory and practice of using the Luger, including technical illustrations. Interesting unique manual!

€ 125,00

Adolf Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' 1933

Adolf Hitler's 'Mein Kampf'. The book was published by the "Verlag Franz Eher Nachfolger G.m.b.H." from München in 1933. The book features 781 pages. Interesting original book in good condition.

€ 130,00

Kriegsmarine Visor Cap

Kriegsmarine NCO's Visor Cap (Schirmmütze). The cap is complete with its original hand-embroidered cocarde and aluminum cap-eagle. The cap has a great shape and look. Stunning and hard to find original Kriegsmarine visor cap!

€ 1295,00

Dutch Infantry 'Kepie'

Dutch 'Kepie'. The Kepi is having one blue coloured piping and one gold coloured piping indicating the rank of adjutant within the 15th Regiment Infantry. The kepi is nicely maker marked by the company 'C. van Hal & Zoon' from Breda. Nice original kepi in good used condition!

€ 175,00

Italian Mess Kit

Italian Mess Kit (Gavetta Modello 1930). Aluminum and steel construction. It still retains most of its original green paint. These Italian mess kits were used by German troops on all fronts, this would look great on a mannequin set-up!

€ 75,00

US Tool Roll M6

World War 2 US Army Tool Roll M6. Nice tool roll for tools for your Willys GPW, Harley WLC or other US vehicle. The tool roll is in good unissued codition with some traces of years of storage only. New Old Stock!

€ 25,00

US Purple Heart Medal

US Purple Heart Medal. The medal is not visible maker marked or dated. The medal is complete with its original confectioned ribbon. Nice original medal in very good condition!

€ 50,00

'I.M.G. 13' Technical Drawings Folding Card

Nice original German l.M.G. 13 (leichtes Maschinengewehr 13) technical drawings in folding card style called the "l.M.G. 13 - Bildtafel" 18/19 Waffentafel. This eight-panel folding card provides a complete view of the technical aspects of the l.M.G. 13. Interesting original booklet!

€ 75,00

Dutch NAD Propaganda Booklet

Dutch NAD Propaganda Booklet "Wat IS en WIL de Nederlandsche Arbeidsdienst". The booklet was published In March 1943. The booklet features 16 pages with many nice black&white photographs and illustrations. Decorative original booklet in good used condition!

€ 20,00

Dutch 1st Lieutenant's Greatcoat

Dutch privately purchased (Buitenmodel) Greatcoat as intended for a 1st Lieutenant's within the army. The greatcoat is maker marked by a tailor from Amsterdam. Nice original Dutch Greatcoat in good used condition!

€ 250,00

Dutch 'Sam Browne' Belt & Sword Hanger

Dutch 'Sam Browne' Belt (Draagriemstel M.28) and Sword Hangers (Sabeldrager). The Sam Browne was a privately purchased belt & cross-strap set and was worn with the 'Buitenmodel' tunics. Nice set in good used condition!

€ 125,00

Dutch Black Leather Gaiters

Dutch Black Leather Gaiters (Beenkappen). Often worn by officers dressed in their 'Buitenmodel' tunic in combination with a pair of ankle-boots. Nice original period black leather gaitors in good used condition!

€ 45,00

Pair of Dutch Officer's Boots

Dutch Officer's Boots (Officiers Laarzen). This is a nice quality privately purchased pair of, tall, black leather boots. The boots are a large size, approximately a '46'. The boots are in used condition and are showing normal traces of usage. Nice pair of boots!

€ 95,00

Pair of Officer's Spurs

Pair of Officer's Spurs for wear on tall leather boots. The privately purchased spurs are in good used condition, there are some unknown markings. The spurs are not visible dated but look period correct. Nice pair of spurs!

€ 25,00

'M.G. 34' Weapen Manual

Nice original German M.G. 34 folding card style manual called the "Das M.G. 34" (Wa30/31) Waffentafeln. This eight-panel card manual provides a complete explanation of the theory and practice of using the M.G. 34. Interesting original manual!

€ 45,00

Luftwaffe 'Flakkampfabzeichen'

Luftwaffe Flak Artillery War Badge (Flakkampfabzeichen). The zinc-type badge is not visible maker marked. The pin and catch are complete and functional, this is the type with the so-called ball-hinge. Nice original example in very good condition!

€ 300,00

Cased 'Treudienst Ehrenzeichen 25'

Cased 'Treudienst Ehrenzeichen 25' (Twenty-five Years Faithful Service medal). The medal is complete with its original confectioned ribbon and comes with its original box. The box is maker marked by 'Friedrich Keller' from Oberstein. Nice set in good condition!

€ 65,00

Case for the Iron Cross 1st Class

Case for the Iron Cross 1st Class (Verleihungsetui zum Eisernes Kreuz 1. Klasse). The case is in good used condition with some normal wear and small damages to the corners. Hard to find original case!

€ 150,00

Case for a Wound Badge in Silver

This is a nice case as intended for Silver Wound Badge (Verleihungsetui). The bordeaux-red coloured etui is not visible maker marked. Nice original case in good used condition!

€ 125,00

'Panzerfaust - 100m' Manual

Nice original German Panzerfaust instructional manual called the "Die Panzerfaust" (D560/4). The booklet features 4 pages with explanation and instructions about handling a Panzerfaust-100 m. The booklet is illustrated and has text written in a humorous manner. Interesting original booklet!

€ 95,00

Wehrmacht Combat Y-straps

Wehrmacht Combat Y-straps (Koppeltraggestell für Infanterie). The Y-straps are named to a soldier called 'Hauschild' and marked with F.P.-Nr.33107 which indicates that he was a member in the 'Nachschub-Kompanie 20'. The leather is still in supple condition. Nice original example very good condition!

€ 250,00

WH Entrenching Tool Carrying Case

Wehrmacht Entrenching Tool Carrying Case (Spatentasche). The late war carrying case is made of 'Ersatz' (Preßstoff) material and brown leather. The cover is nicely 'WaA' marked. Hard to find original carrier in good used condition!

€ 350,00
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