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1st Pattern Coburg Badge


The Coburg Badge (Koburger Ehrenzeichen der NSDAP) was a decoration awarded by the NSDAP. Adolf Hitler had visited the city of Coburg on October 14, 1922 with a group of about 650 SA men. The usual riots and street fights with supporters of leftist parties started in the city. The Nazis conquered the streets that day. The political manifestation in Coburg was one of the first successes of the violent Nazi party and Hitler describes the visit in detail in his political manifesto Mein Kampf. After 1932, the rally was commemorated every year on October 14. From 1932 the Coburg badge was awarded to the veterans of the 1922 rally, in addition, the badge was also awarded as a badge of honor. This is a first pattern Coburg Badge. The wreath contains the words 'Mit Hitler in Coburg 1922-1932' (With Hitler in Coburg 1922-1932). The badge is complete with its original and functional pin and catch. Extremely rare original badge in very good condition!

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