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Luftwaffe General's Visor Cap

Luftwaffe Crusher-style General's Visor Cap (Schirmmütze für Generale), this was originally an officer's grade cap, upgraded to a General's rank. The cap is nicely marked by 'Traugott Rahne' from Hannover. Stunning original General's crusher-style visor cap in truly worn condition!

3750,00 €

Waffen-SS M42 SD Combat Helmet

Waffen-SS M42 Single Decal Combat Helmet (Stahlhelm M42) - 'EF66' helmet, the helmet is complete with its original slightly damaged liner and chinstrap. This is an original untouched US Veteran bringback souvernir helmet from WW2. Scarce original SS helmet in good used condition!

4950,00 €

Large sized DAF Enamel Sign

'Deutsche Arbeitsfront' (DAF) Enamel Sign "Deutscher Arbeiter, der Stirn und der Faust, wir grüßen dich!" (Emailleschild). The enamel is showing some normal traces of usage, the sign is not visible maker marked. The sign is measuring approximately 49 x 49 cms. Hard to find original enamel sign in ...

1650,00 €

Luftwaffe Honor Goblet

Luftwaffe Honor Goblet (Ehrenpokal der Luftwaffe). The goblet was awarded on 3 August 1942 to Unteroffizier 'Ernst Veith', he was a member within the '4./Sturzkampfgeschwader 77'. He was killed in action on 12 November 1942 during his 251st sortie. Rare original piece of history!

2950,00 €

Infantry Assault Badge in Bronze in Box

'Infanterie Sturmabzeichen in Bronze' (Infantry Assault Badge), complete with rare original carton box. Nicely maker marked with 'S.H.u.Co. 41' indicating production by the company of 'Sohni, Heubach & Co.' from Oberstein. Nice original set in very good condition!

395,00 €

WH (Heer) M36 Field Blouse & Trousers

Wehrmacht (Heer) M36 Field Blouse & Trousers (M36 Feldbluse und Hose), named to "Unteroffizier Heinz Melde" who was a member within the '2.Komp./Pz.Abw.Abt.24'. Complete with all original applied insignia, collar-tabs, breast-eagle and a nice pair of shoulder-boards. Hard to find original tunic in ...

3950,00 €

Tank Destruction Badge in Silver

Tank Destruction Badge in Silver (Sonderabzeichen für das Niederkämpfen von Panzerkampfwagen durch Einzelkämpfer). Complete with all three prongs, metal backing plate and protective backing cloth. Nice original example in good, clearly worn and tunic removed, condition!

795,00 €

Panzer Assault Badge in Silver '25'

Panzer Assault Badge in Silver for 25 Engagements (Panzerkampfabzeichen in Silber mit Einsatzzahl 25). The badge is nicely maker marked with 'JFS' indicating production by the company of 'Josef Feix & Söhne' in Gablonz an der Neiße . Desirable original badge in good condition!

2100,00 €

Luftwaffe Honor Goblet & Award Document

Luftwaffe Honor Goblet (Ehrenpokal der Luftwaffe) with matching Award-Document. The goblet was awarded on 23 October 1942 to Oberfeldwebel 'Max Osterrieder', he was a Bordschütze within a 'Transportgeschwader'. Great original Honor Goblet!

3995,00 €

WH (Heer) DD Transitional Droopbill Helmet

WH (Heer) DD Transitional Droopbill Helmet (Stahlhelm). This is a commercially made M18 style double decal droopbill helmet, complete with size '59' liner and incomplete chinstrap. Nice original early helmet in very good condition!

1850,00 €

WH (Heer) M40 Winter Camouflage Helmet

Wehrmacht (Heer) M40 Winter Camouflage Combat Helmet (Stahlhelm M40). 'Q64' marked helmet, complete with original liner and incomplete chinstrap. Nice and honest original M40 winter camouflaged combat helmet in used condition!

2250,00 €

Luftwaffe Paratrooper 'Sumpftarn' Smock

Luftwaffe Paratrooper 'Sumpftarn' Camouflage Smock (Fallschirmschützenbluse). The smock is marked with 'RB-Nr.0/0572/0041' - 'Karl Tobüren KG' from Altenhundem, the smock is size 'IIa' marked and dated May 1944. Hard to find desirable original late war combat worn Fallschirmjäger smock!

4995,00 €

Waffen-SS M40 Camouflage Combat Helmet

Waffen-SS M40 Single Decal Camouflaged Combat Helmet (Stahlhelm M40) - 'Q64' marked helmet with a size '57' liner and damaged chinstrap. Named to 'ᛋᛋ Pi.B.Deutschmann'. Extremely rare original Waffen-SS Camouflage helmet in stunning condition!

14750,00 €

Luftwaffe Observer Badge 'Assmann'

Nice early tombac Luftwaffe 'Beobachterabzeichen' (Observer Badge). The badge is nicely maker marked by the company of 'Assmann' from Lüdenscheid. The badge shows great finish and stunning details, stunning original Observer Badge!

995,00 €

LW 'Frontflugspange für Jäger' in Gold

Luftwaffe 'Frontflugspange für Jäger' in Gold (Day Fighter Clasp in Gold). This badge is a very nice early 'Buntmetall' (tombac) example, the clasp still has most of it's original golden finish left and is showing great detail. Hard to find day fighter clasp in this stunning condition!

850,00 €

Luftwaffe Paratrooper Badge - FLL

Luftwaffe Paratrooper Badge (Fallschirmschützenabzeichen). The 'Buntmetall' badge is not visible maker marked but can be attributed to the company of 'Friedrich Linden' from Lüdenscheid. Extremely rare badge in very good condition!

975,00 €

'Infanterie Sturmabzeichen in Silber'

'Infanterie Sturmabzeichen in Silber' (Infantry Assault Badge). The hollow tombak type badge is not visible maker marked, it can be attributed to the company of 'Wilhelm Deumer' from Lüdenscheid. Nice original early war badge in good condition!

295,00 €

Luftwaffe Single Decal M40 Combat Helmet

Luftwaffe M40 Single Decal Combat Helmet (Stahlhelm M40). 'EF64' marked shell, complete it's original size '57' liner and original late-war RB.Nr. marked chinstrap. Nice untouched original helmet in very good, near mint, condition!

1350,00 €

Luftwaffe FLAK Officer's Flight Blouse

Luftwaffe FLAK Officer's Flight Blouse (Fliegerbluse). Complete with breast-eagle, collar-tabs and shoulder-straps. The flight blouse is nicely 'L.B.A.' marked and dated 1943. Nice original Flight Blouse in very good condition!

1250,00 €

Belgian made Waffen-SS Skull

Ultra rare Belgian made Waffen-SS skull. The skull is executed in a weave pattern similar to the BeVo-weave, in white-silver thread on a black linnen background. Rare original Belgian made example in good unissued condition!

895,00 €

NSDAP Ortsgruppe Zellenleiter's Armband

NSDAP Local group Leader's Armband (Armbinde Ortsgruppenleitung für einen Ortsgruppe Zellenleiter). The armband is nicely marked with a white ink-marking and still having it's original 'RZM' etiket (J-Stück) attached. Nice and rare original armband in good used condition!

495,00 €

WH (Heer) M18 SD Combat Helmet

WH (Heer) M18 Single Decal Combat Helmet (Stahlhelm M18). 'ET66' marked helmet complete with liner and (damaged) chinstrap. Nice original helmet in good used condition!

895,00 €

1st pattern Spange to the Iron Cross 1st Class

1st Pattern Spange 1939 to the Iron Cross 1st Class 1914 (Wiederholungsspange 1939 für das Eiserne Kreuz 1.Klasse 1914). Non-maker marked example which can be attributed to the company of 'C.E.Juncker' from Berlin. Rare early 1st pattern Juncker clasp!

1450,00 €

Waffen-SS Maroon Dress 'Fez'

Waffen-SS maroon-coloured felt dress 'Fez' as intended for members within the '13.Waffen-Gebirgs-Division der SS "Handschar" (kroatische Nr.1)'. Complete with its original black tassel. The fez is having a BeVo woven cap-eagle and skull attached. Nice original fez in very good condition!

1150,00 €

WH (Heer) Panzer Dress Tunic & Visor Cap

WH (Heer) Panzer Dress Tunic & Visor Cap (Wehrmacht Parade-Waffenrock und Schirmmütze) as intended for an 'Oberfeldwebel' within the 'Panzer-Ersatz-Abteilung 11'. The visor cap is nicely maker marked by the famous 'Erel' company. Desirable original Panzer Dress Tunic and Visor Cap!

2450,00 €

Waffen-SS M44 Dot Pattern Field Blouse

Waffen-SS M44 Dot Pattern Field Blouse (Tarnfeldbluse M44). The field blouse is nicely maker marked and shows size stamps, it is a medium size (chest size 94cms). Hard to find original combat worn Waffen-SS Camouflage Field Blouse!

2995,00 €

WH (Heer) EM'S M42 Field Blouse

Wehrmacht (Heer) M42 Field Blouse (Feldbluse M42). Nice mid war field blouse, complete with original machine-sewn breast-eagle and collar-tabs. The field blouse is maker marked by 'Steinmeyer' and dated 'F42'. Hard to find original untouched EM's M42 tunic in good condition!

1695,00 €

Nahkampfspange in Bronze 'C.E. Juncker'

This is a nice 'Nahkampfspange in Bronze' (Close Combat Clasp). Nicely maker marked by the company of 'C.E. Juncker' in Berlin. The badge is showing great detail and still retains almost all of its original bronze finish. A nice original CCC in very good condition!

495,00 €

WH (Heer) Soldbuch & Shoulder-Straps Grouping

This is a very nice matching grouping of a Wehrmacht soldier within the 'Infanterie-Ersatz-Bataillon (mot) 51', consisting of his Soldbuch, Driver's License, a 'M36' type pair of shoulder-straps and his matching ID-disc (Erkennungsmarke). Great original set!

300,00 €

WH (Heer) 'Kurland' Cufftitle

WH (Heer) 'Kurland' Cufftitle (Ärmelband). The cufftitle is in full-length and measures approximately 22cms in length. The cufftitle is in very good unissued condition. Rare original 'Kurland' cufftitle in very good condition!

750,00 €

Non-Reversible 'Sumpftarn' Camouflage Tunic

Wehrmacht Non-Reversible 'Sumpftarn' Camouflage Parka & Trousers (Tarnungs Jacke und Hose). Both are nicely RB.Nr. '0/0456/0027' marked. The tunic is showing minor traces of storage, they still show great bright colours. The set is complete with original suspenders. Nice original matching set!

2500,00 €

2-piece medal-bar or 'Spange'

Nice 2-piece medal-bar consisting of a non-maker marked 'Juncker' Iron Cross 2nd Class and a WH (Heer) 4-years long service medal ('Wehrmacht-Dienstauszeichnung 4.Klasse für 4 Jahre Dienstzeit'). Great original Medal-Bar in good condition!

350,00 €

LW Combined Pilot-Observer Badge - GWL

This is a nice original Luftwaffe Combined Pilot-Observer Badge (Gemeinsames Flugzeugführer- u. Beobachterabzeichen). Early tombac example, the badge is nicely maker marked 'GWL' indicating production by the company of the 'Gebrüder Wegerhoff' from Lüdenscheid. Stunning original example!

2450,00 €

ZF41/1 Sniper Scope with Mount in Case

Wehrmacht ZF41 Sniper Scope with Mount (Gewehr-Zielfernrohr 41/1), complete with original tan painted metal carrying case. The scope is nicely marked with 'fvs' indicating production by the company of 'Spindler & Hoyer' from Gottingen. Great original sharpshooters scope in case!

1200,00 €

Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross '65'

Cased Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross (Ritterkreuz des Eisernes Kreuzes). The cross is in used and worn condition, is comes with an original long sized unissued ribbon, stored in an original case of issue. Scarce original cased Knight's Cross!

9999,00 €

Cased German Cross in Gold 'Deschler'

Rare early German Cross in Gold (Deutsches Kreuz in Gold), heavy weight version with six rivets and short pin indicating production by the company of 'Deschler & Sohn' from München. The cross comes in its rare matching small type case. Extremely rare and desirable original set!

4995,00 €

1st model Luftwaffe Officer's Dagger

First Pattern Luftwaffe Officer's Dagger (Luftwaffe Offiziersdolch). This 1st pattern was called 'Borddolch' or 'Fliegerdolch'. Nicely maker marked by the company of 'Eickhorn' in Solingen. Nice early aluminum example in very good condition!

795,00 €

SS-FM 'Förderndes Mitglied' Membership Booklet

SS-FM 'Förderndes Mitglied' Supporting Membership Booklet (FM-Mitgliedsbuch). The booklet is named to 'Richard Mayer' from Stuttgart, he was having membership number 'E 53297'. Rare original SS-FM Membership Booklet in very good condition!

295,00 €

SS-FM 'Förderndes Mitglied' Members Pin

SS-FM 'Förderndes Mitglied' Supporting Membership Pin (FM-Abzeichen). The reverse of the pin is marked with 'Ges.Gesch.' and manufacturer 'Deschler MCHN-9' and its individually numbered with membership number 'E 24749'. Rare original SS-FM Membership Pin in good used condition!

295,00 €

WH (Heer) EM'S M43 Field Blouse

Wehrmacht (Heer) M43 Field Blouse (Feldbluse M43). Nice late war field blouse, complete with original machine-sewn breast-eagle, collar-tabs and a pair of Infantry shoulder-straps. The field blouse is nicely marked and dated 1943. Hard to find original late war M43 tunic in very good condition!

1950,00 €

WH (Heer/Waffen-SS) 'Demjansk' Campaign Shield

Nice original 'Demjansk' Shield (Demjansk Schild). The shield is a magnetic example from an unknown maker. Complete with metal backplate and original protective backing paper. This shield is in very good condition. Great original shield!

495,00 €

Waffen-SS Officer's M43 Cap

Waffen-SS Officer's M43 Cap (Einheitsfeldmütze). This is a late-war Waffen-SS wool-rayon blend Italian gabardine construction M43-cap, silver piped cap as intended for officer's, having a BeVo-woven cap-eagle and skull attached. Nice cap in good used condition!

2995,00 €

Führer and Reichs Chancellor's Standard

Personal Standard of Adolf Hitler or called Führer and Reichs Chancellor's Standard (Standarte des Führers und Reichskanzlers). This is a 50x50cms sized flag, maker marked by the 'Württembergische Cattunmanufactur Heidenheim a.Brz.'. Rare and desirable original flag! NEW PRICE!

3950,00 €

Civil Pilot's badge

Civil Pilot's badge (Zivil-Flugzeugführerabzeichen). The early tombac badge is not visible maker marked but can be attributed to the company of 'C.E. Juncker' in Berlin SW. The badge shows very nice & pronounced detail overall. Desirable and rare original civil pilot's badge!

1250,00 €

Pair of MP38/40 Magazine Pouches

This is a nice pair of Wehrmacht MP38/40 Magazine Pouches (MP38 u. MP40 Magazintaschen). The tan coloured pouches are nicely maker marked and dated with 'clg43'. Hard to find original pair of MP38/40 magazine pouches in good condition!

1350,00 €

Waffen-SS Belt Buckle - RZM 36/39 ᛋᛋ

This is a nice aluminum Waffen-SS EM/NCO's Belt Buckle (Koppelschloß). The buckle is nicely marked with 'RZM 36/39 ᛋᛋ' indicating production by the company of 'Overhoff & Cie' from Lüdenscheid. Nice original example in good used condition!

650,00 €

Waffen-SS Officer's Collar Tab Set

Pair of hand-embroidered bullion Waffen-SS Officer's Collar Tabs (Kragenspiegel für Führer). The rune collar tab is having its original RZM etiket ('C-Stück') attached. The collar tabs are still tied together. Rare original set in stunning mint and unissued condition!

1450,00 €

Allgemeine-SS EM/NCO's Visor Cap

Allgemeine-SS EM/NCO's Visor Cap (Schirmmütze für Mannschaften und Unterführer). The black coloured visor cap is complete with it's original cap-eagle and skull. The cap is having a great shape. Scarce and hard to find original example in very good condition!

6450,00 €

German Cross in Gold '20'

'Deutsches Kreuz in Gold', light weight version, the cross is maker marked with number '20' indicating production by the company of 'C.F.Zimmermann'. Nice example in near mint condition, desirable original cross!

2450,00 €

Waffen-SS M42 Camouflage Smock

Very rare original Waffen-SS M42 Type 2 Camouflage Smock (Tarnjacke), printed in the Blurred Edge (Rauchtarnmuster) camouflage pattern, showing bright summer and autumn colours. Hard to find original Waffen-SS Camouflage Smock in good used condition!

9500,00 €
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