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KM cap-tally 'Unterseebootsflottille Lohs'


WH (Kriegsmarine) cap-tally 'Unterseebootsflottille Lohs' for wear on the donald-duck cap (Tellermütze). The 3rd U-boat Flotilla (3. Unterseebootsflottille), also known as Lohs Flotilla, was the third operational U-boat unit in Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine. Founded on 4 October 1937 under the command of 'Kapitänleutnant Hans Eckermann', it was named in honour of 'Oberleutnant zur See Johannes Lohs'. Lohs, a U-boat commander during World War I, died on 14 August 1918 after his submarine UB-57 was sunk by a mine. The cap-tally is executed in golden-yellow flat-wire thread in 'BeVo' like weave-pattern. It shows only some wrinkling and folding lines caused by years of storage. The Tally measures approximately 149 cms in length (full-length). Rare original full-length U-boat cap-tally in very good condition!

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