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KM Coastal Artillery War Badge in Box


Kriegsmarine 'Kriegsabzeichen für die Marineartillerie' (Coastal Artillery War Badge). The Coastal Artillery War Badge was introduced on 24 June 1941 by Oberbefehlshaber der Kriegsmarine und Großadmiral 'Erich Raeder' for award to land based Naval coastal artillery and anti-aircraft personnel in recognition of their achievements. The badge is a 'Zink' example in very good condition, the badge still retains most of it's original finish. The badge has great detail, and has a functional pin and catch. The badge is nicely maker marked with 'FLL 43' indicating production by the company of 'Friedrich Linden' from Lüdenscheid in 1943. It comes in it's rare original carton box of issue, the carton box is slightly damaged and missing one small part, the box is marked with 'Marine-Artl.(Flak) Abzeichen'. These original carton boxes are almost impossible to find. Amazing original set!

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