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Luftwaffe Night Fighter Clasp in Bronze


WH (Luftwaffe) 'Frontflugspange für Nah-Nachtjäger' in Bronze (Night Fighter Clasp in Bronze). At first the nightfighter pilots werd awarded the regular 'Frontflugspange für Jäger'. By institution it was orderd that the decoration was to be worn upside down (arrow pointing downwards and swastika at the top). On 14 August 1942 a special clasp was instituted for 'Nah-Nachtjäger' (short range night fighter). The clasps were awarded in three grades of, Bronze for twenty operational flights, Silver for sixty operational flights, and Gold for one hundred ten operational flights. This badge is a very nice 'Buntmetall' (tombac) example. The badge is not visible maker marked. The clasp has naturally a functional pin & catch construction. The clasp still retains most of it's original bronze finish and has a nice black wreath. Rare and hard to find clasp in stunning condition!

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