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Luftwaffe Observer Badge 'Assmann'


WH (Luftwaffe) 'Beobachterabzeichen' (Observer Badge). The Observer's badge was was one of the first badges for which 'Reichsmarchall Hermann Göring' gave specifications for. Although these provisions were published on 27 November 1935, the badge was not actually instituted until 26 march 1936. The badge was awarded after completion of two month qualifying service, after five operational flight as observer, or if the recipient was wounded while posted as observer (prior to the completion of the 5 flights). This badge is a very nice early 'Buntmetall' (tombac) piece, it's nicely maker marked by the company of 'Assmann' from Lüdenscheid. The badge has naturally a functional pin & catch construction. The badge shows great finish and stunning details, the badge really is in outstanding condition. Great original Luftwaffe Observer Badge!

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