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NSDAP Golden Party Badge '67118'


NSDAP Golden Party Badge '67118' (Goldenes Parteiabzeichen). The Golden Party Badge of the NSDAP was authorized by a decree of 'Adolf Hitler' on 13 October 1933. The badge was to honour those Party Members who had a registered membership number under 100,000 - provided their party membership had been active and uninterrupted since the NSDAP's re-founding on 17 February 1925. Only 22,282 of the first 100,000 NSDAP members were eligible for the badge. This is the 30,5mm Deschler made badge. The shows the same design as the standard enamel NSDAP party membership badge, surrounded by a thin white enamel border and a golden oak leaf wreath. The badge is made of fire gilded brass with the metal edges, letters and highlights in the enamel center silver plated. There is no enamel damage at all, only some very slight surface scratching caused by period wear and use. The badge is marked 'Ges.Gesch.' on the back. The badge is nicely maker marked on the pin plate by the company 'Deschler & Sohn' in München 9. Of course is the original pin/catch construction complete and functional. The member's party number '67118' has been engraved on the back as well. This was the party number of 'Walther Gravenhorst', not much is known about him. He was born on 25 July 1898. He was 'NSDAP Gaugerichtsvorsitzende' of the Gau-Osthannover. He was also a SS-member, his SS membership number was '63283' and he became a 'SS-Sturmbannführer' on 13 September 1936. This badge came directly from the family in Germany. Scarce original 'named' example in very good condition!

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