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Rare original cast iron 'Erbhof' Sign


Rare original cast iron Reichsnährstand 'Erbhof' Sign (Erbhof-Erkennungszeichen). The National Socialists saw the farmer as the first and deepest representative of the people, the two main goals of the national socialists were the re-establishment and the protection of the farmer class and the securing of its land for the farmer family. According to the "Reichserbhofgesetz" (Reichs Hereditary Farm Law) from 29 September 1933 the strictly Aryan farm could only go into the possession of the oldest son if he was able to prove his Aryan origin back to at least the year 1800. These signs were displayed at the appointed farms from 1933 to 1945 only, after the Third Reich had ended these Erbhof signs were taken down and in most cases destroyed. The cast iron sign is showing the Odal Rune, the sign is sized 25 x 20,5 cms. This sign has been found on an Austrian farm two weeks ago and was never before part of a collection. I left it in uncleaned condition as found, see photos. The sign is in good condition showing some minor rust and is some dust from years of storage. Truly rare and hard to find original piece in very good original condition!
I will include a copy of the complete 'Reichserbhofgesetz'.

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