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WH (Heer) Soldbuch & Shoulder-Straps Grouping


This is a very nice matching grouping of a Wehrmacht soldier within the 'Infanterie-Ersatz-Bataillon (mot) 51', consisting of his Soldbuch, Driver's License (Führerschein), a 'M36' type pair of shoulder-straps (Schulterklappen) and his matching ID-disc (Erkennungsmarke). When individuals received their registration notice they were to report to the appropriate recruitment center where they would be issued a 'Wehrpaß', until they were inducted into active duty. From the autumn of 1939, when an individual was inducted into active military service the Wehrpaß was exchanged at the recruitment office for the 'Soldbuch' (Pay Book), which remained in the recipients possession as his official military identification document. The recruitment office would retain the Wehrpass and chronicle the individuals active service record in it. This Soldbuch belonged to 'Richard Michler' from Görlitz, the Soldbuch is full of entries, page 21/22 is regrettably missing. The Soldbuch is in heavily used condition, see photos. Both his Driver's License and Soldbuch are complete with portrait-photo. The shoulder-straps are having the white coloured (woolen-type) piping and silver NCO braid attached as intended for an 'Unteroffizier der Infanterie'. The boards are executed in dark-green wool and the boards come on their functional tongues, this is a fully textbook pair of shoulder-boards. The boards are measuring approximately 11 cms in length, the shoulder-straps are showing the nicely 'chain-stitched' embroidered regimental numbers '51'. The aluminum-based WH (Heer) ID-disc (Erkennungsmarke) is intended for a member within the '4./Inf.Ers.Batl.(mot)51' (Infanterie-Ersatz-Bataillon (mot) 51). The disc also bears the unique number '853' which corresponds to the number written in the Soldbuch. This set belonged together to one soldier and was found in a private household in Germany like this. Great and rare original set!

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