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'Afrika' Cufftitle Award-Document


Luftwaffe 'Afrika' Cufftitle (Ärmelband). The 'Afrika' cufftitle was introduced on 15 January 1943 and held the status of a campaign award, since the cufftitle was considered a military combat decoration, it was awarded with a corresponding award document (and entries in the 'Soldbuch' and/or 'Wehrpass'). The cufftitle was to be worn on the right lower arm (except greatcoats). This (A5 sized) document was awarded to Obergefreiten 'Otto Hoffmann'. The document is dated 1 May 1943, the document is facsimile signed by 'Generalfeldmarschall Keßelring'. The document is ink-marked with 'Der Oberbefehlshaber Süd', the swastika in the stamp has been removed. The document has been folded once and is showing clear traces of usage. Nice and decorative original document in good used condition!

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