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Waffen-SS 'Demjanskschild' Award-Document


This is a nice Waffen-SS 'Demjanskschild' Award-Document (Besitzzeugnis). The 'Demjansk' Campaign shield was instituted by Adolf Hitler on 25 April 1943 and was intended for award to personnel who participated in the defence and the eventual break out of the besieged Russian village of Demjansk (8 February 1941 till 21 April 1942). About 100.000 examples of the shield have been awarded, to personnel who served in the area for sixty or more days, were wounded, or flew fifty flights over the area during the engagement. This (A5 sized) document was awarded to ᛋᛋ-Unterscharführer 'Rolf Minor', he was a member within the 'ehem. I./ᛋᛋ-T.Art.Rgt.' (SS-Totenkopf-Artillerie-Regiment). Rolf was awarded with the Demjansk Campaign Shield (Demjanskschild) on 31 December 1943. The document has been perforated and folded. The document comes together with a postcard-size photograph, on the back is written 'Minor, 1943'. Rare original award-document in very good condition!

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