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Wehrmacht Award & Document Grouping


Wehrmacht (Heer) medal & award document-group of Sanitäts-Feldwebel 'Alfred Großer', who was a member within the 'Sanitätskompanie 2/24'.

The grouping is including a War Merit Cross 2nd class with swords (Kriegsverdienst Kreuz 2. Klasse mit Schwertern), an Ostmedal (medaille für die Winterschlacht im Osten), the Ostmeal is complete with original award-document (Urkunde) which was awarded to Alfred on 5 August 1942. Included in the grouping is also a WH (Heer) 'Krim' campaign shield (Krimschild), complete with its original award-document (Urkunde). The 'Krim' Shield was awarded to German soldiers under the command of 'Generalfeldmarschall Erich von Manstein' who fought and served in the Crimea area in between September 1941 and July 1942. The 'Krim' Shield was instituted on 25 July 1942. This zinc-type shield is mounted on a piece of field-grey wool and is complete with its metal back-plate and 4 prongs and has it's black coloured protective paper backing still attached. The Krim shield and (A5 sized) award-document were awarded to San.-Unteroffizier 'Alfred Großer' on 30 December 1942. The document is (facsimile) signed by Generalfeldmarschall 'Erich von Manstein'. Included in the grouping are a Romanian Medal 'Kreuzzug gegen den Kommunismus' including original Romanian Award-Document. This Romanian Medal was a medal to commemorate the crusade against communism. This medal was instituted on 1 April 1942 and often found among German medal groups since it was liberally bestowed on Romania's allies. The medal is a tombac example, it comes on its original (specifically folded) ribbon. The medal was awarded to Alfred on 1 March 1943 and according to the document he was awarded with the clasp 'Crimeia' (Krim) in Silver, however no clasp was found in the grouping. The last document in the grouping is a promotion document for his promotion to 'Sanitäts-Feldwebel' on 25 May 1943. The documents are all in good used, folded and slightly wrinkled, condition. The grouping comes together with 2 original ribbon-bars (Bandspange) and an original Sanitäts Armband. This grouping was found together on a German flea-market and was never before part of a collection. A nice and interesting grouping that surely merits further investigation!

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