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Wehrmacht 'Heldentod Urkunde'


Wehrmacht 'Heldentod Urkunde' (Ehrenblatt). This document was given to the family of 'Albert Unser' who was a Gefreiter in the '2.Kompanie Grenadier-Regiment 555'. He was killed in action on 19 May 1942 near Polujanowa. The din-A4 sized document is showing a gilt printed eagle with the text: 'Getreu seinem Fahneneid starb im Kampf um die Freiheit Grossdeutschlands, den Heldentod für Führer, Volk und Vaterland' (True to his military oath he died in the fight for Great-Germany's freedom, for the Führer, people and country). The document comes with the original envelope in which it was sent to his father 'Güstav Unser' in Schluchtern. The document is very good unfolded, see photos. Nice and interesting original document! 

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