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16mm Miniature Silver Wound Badge 1918 - Godet


This is a nice example of a First World War 16mm Miniature Silver Wound Badge (Verwundeten Abzeichen in Silber 1918). The Woundbadge was instituted on 3 march 1918. The badge was instituted in three classes with the class bestowed reflecting the number or severity of the wounds received. The classes consisted of a black badge for one or two wounds, a silver badge for three or four wounds and a gold badge for five or more wounds or loss of a limb. The '900' silver miniature is mounted on a chain with two pins, the miniature is nicely maker marked 'Godet-Berlin'. The miniature is attached to the original carton sales card which is nicely marked by the company of 'Godet' from Berlin as well. Extremely rare and decorative original miniature!

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