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Cased 'Godet' Turkish Half Moon & Iron Cross 1st Class


World War 1 Turkish Half Moon "Gallipoli Star" (Eiserner Halbmond/Gallipoli Stern) and Iron Cross 1st Class (Eisernes Kreuz 1. Klasse) in original red coloured case. The Turkish Half Moon was known as the Ottoman War Medal (Turkish: Harp Madalyası) or the Iron Crescent (Eiserner Halbmond). It was instituted by the Sultan Mehmed Reshad V on 1 March 1915 for gallantry in battle. This decoration was awarded for the duration of World War I. It features a five-pointed red enamelled star with a raised crescent design, inside the crescent is the tughra (cipher of the Sultan). The star is made of silver, the enamel is in perfect condition void of any damage, see photos. The star has a two-piece screw-back construction with an oval disc. The disc is nicely maker marked by the company of 'Godet-Berlin'. The iron cross was re-instituted by King Wilhelm II on 5 August 1914 for award during World War I. Both the Iron Cross 1st Class and the Iron Cross 2nd Class were awarded without regard to rank. The second class medal was for award to personnel who performed a single act of bravery in combat. One had to already possess the 2nd Class in order to receive the 1st Class. The cross has a three piece construction with an iron core and a silver frame. The cross is having a two-piece srew-back construction with an oval disc. The cross is nicely maker marked on the disc by the famous company 'Godet-Berlin'. This set was an expensive private purchased set which comes in its extremely rare original red coloured case specially intended for these two (oval) screw-back awards. The case is in very good condition and showing minimal traces of usage and some damage at the corners. The case is nicely marked 'Godet Berlin' on the bottom. Desirable set in very good condition!

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