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1st Pattern Wound Badge in Silver


1st Pattern Wound Badge in Silver (1. Modell Verwundeten Abzeichen in Silber), this variant was also called the Legion Condor Wound Badge in Silver (Verwundeten Abzeichen in Silber für deutsche Freiwillige im spanischen Freiheitskampf 1936-1939). On 22 May 1939 Adolf Hitler re-instituted a slightly modified version of the ww1 wound badge with the addition of a swastika, this 1st pattern was awarded to German volunteers who had been wounded supporting the Spanish Nationalist 'Generalissimo Francisco Franco' against the communist allied Republican Loyalist party in the Spanish Civil War. This is a rare early tombak example being a so-called "Hohl verbödet" variant having a hollow inside. The badge is complete with a functional pin and catch. Rare and hard to find original early 1st pattern wound badge in stunning condition! 

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