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Hitler-Jugend 'Kreissieger 1939' Badge


HJ ('Hitler-Jugend') 'Kreissieger 1939' Badge (Kreissieger im Reichsberufswettkampf 1939). The national trade competition badges was instituted in 1938 in three grades with the colored finish determining the grade of the award as follows, gold finish for the Reichs level award, a silver finish for the Gau level award and a bronze finish for the Kreis level award. The tombac (Buntmetall) construction badge is neatly maker marked on the back by the company of 'Ferd.Wagner' from Pforzheim. The badge is complete with its functional pin and catch. The badge is in good condition with some minor surface scratching, the details on the badge are really pronounced and stunning. Nice original example in good condition!

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