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Nahkampfspange in Bronze - 'FLL'


Close Combat Clasp in Bronze (Nahkampfspange in Bronze). The Close Combat Clasp was introduced on 25 November 1942 for award to personnel who fought in hand-to-hand combat situations unsupported by armor. The clasp was issued in three grades: Bronze for fifteen combat days, Silver for thirty combat days and Gold for fifty combat days. The badge is a 'Feinzink' version, the design is showing a crossed bayonet and stick grenade. The clasp shows great detail and still retains most of its original bronze finish. It has never been cleaned nor polished. The clasp is complete with its original magnetic backplate. The clasp is nicely maker marked with 'FLL' indicating production by the company of 'Friedrich Linden' from Lüdenscheid. The slightly vaulted clasp is having a functional non-magnetic pin and catch. Nice original clasp in very good condition!

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