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RADwJ 'Dienstauszeichnung 3. Stufe'


'Reichsarbeitsdienst der weiblichen Jugend' (RADwJ) Women's Twelve Year Long Service Medal (Dienstauszeichnung für weibliche Jugend 3. Stufe). In January of 1938 the 'RAD' long service awards were introduced in four classes; the first for twenty-five years service, the second for eighteen years, the third for twelve and the fourth class medal for fours years service. Those awarded to members of the RADwJ had a design different from the male versions to their obverses. This RADwJ type medal is the heavy weight silvered tombak (Buntmetall) version and is complete with its original confectioned blue coloured ribbon. The details on the medal are really pronounced and stunning. Hard to find original medal in very good condition!

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