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SA Sportsbadge in Bronze


SA Sportsbadge in Bronze (SA-Sportabzeichen). The SA (Sturmabteilung) was originally formed in August 1921 as a protective guard unit for the political leaders of the NSDAP. The SA Sportsbadge in bronze was instituted by SA-Stabschef 'Ernst Röhm' on 28 November 1933, for award to SA and SS personnel who passed the required criteria in physical fitness, military defence and field exercises. This is a rare 1934/1935 example marked with the first pattern inscription 'Eigentum d. Chefs d. Ausbildungswesens'. The badge is nicely maker marked by the company of 'L.Chr.Lauer' from Nürnberg-Belin. The badge is individually numbered with the unique number '42415'. Rare original early first pattern example in good used condition!

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