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WW2 Iron Cross 2nd Class - 'Schinkel'


 Iron Cross 2nd Class (Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse). On 1 September 1939 Hitler reinstituted the Iron Cross (First time in 1813). The second class medal was for award to personnel who performed a single act of bravery in combat. The cross is an early 'Schinkel'-type and has a three piece construction. The 'Schinkel' crosses are thinner crosses, mounted in ww1 style frames. The cross is not visible maker marked but can very likely be attributed to the company of 'Wilhelm Deumer' based in Lüdenscheid. The cross - which has still the neat so-called: 'Hochpolierte Kanten' - just shows some minor wear and has great detail overall. The cross comes with its original 29cms long sized ribbon as found. Nice original 'Schinkel' cross in very good condition!

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