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EU-Deactivated British Besa Machine Gun


EU-Deactivated British Besa Machine Gun (BESA MKIII*). Birmingham Small Arms began making this almost copy of the Czechoslovakian ZB-53 air-cooled, belt-fed machine gun in 1939. It was used extensively by the armed forces of United Kingdom during the Second World War as a mounted machine gun for tanks and other armoured vehicles as a replacement for the heavier, water-cooled Vickers machine gun. The Mark III* entered service in August 1943 and was simpler to mass produce. It fired the 7.92mm round, which was unusual for a British weapon, but with the war on going, they simply did not have the time to modify the weapon for the British .303 cartridge. They were a very reliable and exceedingly accurate weapon and remained in service until the early 1960s. This Besa is showing British Broad-Arrow markings and a 1944 date. It has however been converted post-war to the Mark III/2 which was introduced in 1952 and was a conversion of the Mark III* with a new bracket and body cover. Great and extremely hard to find Machine Gun to complete your Tank or Amoured Car with!

PLEASE NOTEthis Besa comes from my private collection, due to the heavy weight (21kg) I prefer pick-up at a show. No payments with PayPal accepted for this item.

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