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WW2 Period Canadian Flag


World War 2 Period Canadian Flag. On June 29th, 1944, the Red Ensign was flown on the HQ of the First Canadian Army near Amblie, in Normandy, to celebrate Dominion Day two days later. For the first time in history, Canadian soldiers were fighting under their very own colours. The Canadian Red Ensign carries in its upper left corner the British Union Jack. The ensign also bears the coat of arms of Canada, granted by King George V in 1924. It was used as a Canadian flag until 1965 when it was replaced by the red and white maple leaf flag. The wool multi-piece construction flag is sized approximately 180 x 120 cms. The US Made flag is having a manufacturer's label attached of the company 'Annin' which is the oldest flag manufacturer from the United States. The flag is not visible dated but looks period correct. The flag is in used condition showing some minor damages and staining. Hard to find original WW2 period Canadian flag!

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