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Documents / Passes

Polizei Service Pass Grouping

Polizei Service Pass (Dienstpaß) Grouping. The pass belonged to 'Hans Schichting'. Hans entered the Police within the 'Feuerschutzpolizei'. He was awarded with the Air Defence Honor Badge and War Merit Cross 2nd Class. Nice original grouping!

€ 125,00

2nd Pattern 'Arbeitsbuch'

2nd Pattern 'Arbeitsbuch'. Nice Arbeitsbuch with a few handwritten entries and official stamps. The pass was issued to a woman named 'Krause' on 4 October 1941. Nice original booklet in good used condition!

€ 20,00

Luftwaffe Soldbuch

Luftwaffe Soldbuch of Flieger 'Arno Ziegler', member within the 'Lw.-Bau-Batl.4/XIII'. A few entries have been made. Nice original Soldbuch in very good condition!

€ 75,00

SS/SD Clothing Administration Booklet

SS 'Bestandsbuch für Bekleidung und Ausrüstung' being a Clothing Administration Booklet, named to SS-Unterstürmführer 'Karl Brand' from the infamous SD Standort 'Lublin'. Filled in booklet which comes together with an additional document. Interesting documents!

€ 295,00

DAF Members Book

DAF- 'Deutsche Arbeitsfront' Members Book (Mitgliedsbuch). The booklet was issued on 1 May 1940 to 'Georg Schimmel' from Barmen. Revenue stamps have been pasted from 1940/1941. Nice example in good used condition!

€ 20,00

WH (Heer) Wehrpaß - KIA Battle of Overloon

Wehrmacht (Heer) Wehrpaß of 'Karl-Heinz Pophanken' who served within the 'Werfer-Ersatz-Abteilung 2'. Karl-Heinz was killed in action on 12 October 1944 near Weversloo in the Battle of Overloon. Interesting original Wehrpaß!

€ 250,00

VB Strassenkarte 'Amsterdam'

V.B. Strassenkarte 'Amsterdam' (Road Map). The map was published by the 'Zentralverlag der NSDAP, Franz Eher Nachfolger' of München and Berlin. Decorative and scarce original example showing the Netherlands!

€ 150,00

Deutsches Reich Kennkarte

'Deutsches Reich Kennkarte' - Civil Indentification Card which belonged to a woman from the area of Verden (Aller). The oilcloth ID-card was issued to her on 22 October 1943. Nice original example in used condition!

€ 10,00

WH (Heer) Wehrpaß

Wehrmacht (Heer) Wehrpaß of 'Leon Ginsel' who served within the 'Nachrichten Abteilung 2'. Only a few entries have been made. The Wehrpaß comes together with a 'Wehrpaßnotiz'. Nice original Wehrpaß!

€ 40,00

WH (Heer) Wehrpaß

Wehrmacht (Heer) Wehrpaß of Obergefreiter 'Albert Schalber' who served within the '1./Ld.Schtz.Ers.Batl.12' (Landesschützen-Ersatz-Bataillon 12). He was stationed in the area of the 'Heeres Gruppe Mitte'. Nice original Wehrpaß!

€ 45,00

WH (Heer) Wehrpaß

Wehrmacht (Heer) Wehrpaß of 'August Wollbrink', complete with portrait-photo. One page came loose. Only a few entries have been made. Nice original Wehrpaß!

€ 29,50

U.S. Army 'Hit Kit' Song Sheet

Nice original U.S. Army / Navy 'Hit Kit' song sheet "U" Issue from 1945. This is a six-panel folding sheet with lyrics of 9 songs. This sheet was published by the 'U.S. Governemnt Printing Office'. Interesting original song sheet!

€ 10,00

'Knickerbocker Weekly' Booklet

Dutch 'Knickerbocker Weekly' "Free Netherlands" booklet. Small booklet with news topics and photo's about the allied forces, U.S., Netherlands and the Dutch royal family. Published in New York and distributed by the R.A.F above the occupied Netherlands. Interesting original booklet!

€ 15,00

Rare SS-Polizei 'Feldpost' Grouping

Rare SS-Polizei 'Feldpost' Grouping consisting of approximately 16 Field Post letters, 4 envelopes and 2 postcards. Written by a SS/Police member named 'Franz Drye', mostly written from Minsk where he was part of the 'Schutzmannschaft Bataillon 47'. Historical interesting grouping!

€ 395,00

'Metallspende des deutschen Volkes' Certificate

This is a nice colorful original 'Metallspende des deutschen Volkes zum Geburtstag des Führers im Kriegsjahr 1940' paper certificate. Decorative original certificate!

€ 20,00

'Wochenspruch der NSDAP' Mini Poster

Nice original period paper 'Wochenspruch der NSDAP' mini poster. This poster is showing an image and quote of Hermann Göring. The poster was published by the 'Zentralverlag der NSDAP' from München. Decorative poster in good condition! 

€ 50,00

'Wochenspruch der NSDAP' Mini Poster

Nice original period paper 'Wochenspruch der NSDAP' mini poster. This poster has a quote from Adolf Hitler on it: 'Der Kampf fordert vom Soldaten grössten Einsatz von der Heimat aber die grösste Opferbereitschaft'. Decorative poster in good condition!

€ 35,00

VDA Mini Poster

Nice original period paper mini poster or print showing the Strasbourg Cathedral and the St. Stephen's Cathedral. Underneath the image is a small caption. Decorative small sized poster in good condition! 

€ 15,00
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