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2nd Pattern 'Arbeitsbuch' - 'Nibelungenwerk'


 2nd Pattern Arbeitsbuch. The 'Arbeitsbuch' underwent three minor modifications during the Third Reich, with the first pattern book issued in 1935, a second pattern in 1939, and a third pattern in 1942. Nice Arbeitsbuch with a few handwritten entries and official stamps. The pass was issued to 'Karl Simlinger' on 22 February 1939 in Amstetten. He worked as an employee at the 'Nibelungenwerk' in St. Valentin (Austria), the largest and most modern tank assembly factory in Nazi Germany. As the only German tank production facility which had a well-structured production line, the Nibelungenwerk produced more than half of all of Nazi Germany's Panzer IV tanks. Interesting original booklet in very good condition!

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