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MG15 Gunner's Tool Pouch

MG15 Gunner's Tool Pouch (Werkzeugtasche MG15). The pouch is nicely marked with an early style WaA marking, maker 'fzs' and a Luftwaffe Contract Number (FL 45966). Nice original pouch in good used condition!

140,00 €

MG34/42 Gunner's Tool Pouch

MG34/42 Gunner's Tool Pouch M34 (Maschinengewehr Werkzeug Tasche Modell 34). Nice example, made from high quality leather, nicely WaA marked and dated 1943. Nice original pouch in good used condition!

225,00 €

TeNo M31 Shelter Quarter

'Technische Nothife' (TeNo) M31 Shelter Quarter (Zeltbahn 31). The Zeltbahn is maker marked by the company of 'Walter Reichert' ("Warei" Patentzelte) in Berlin and dated 1939. It is also marked with "Warei" Zeltbahn, D.R.P., 1939. Nice original Zeltbahn in very good condition!

145,00 €

WH 'A-frame' strap

Wehrmacht 'A-frame' strap ('Riemen zum Gefechts-/Sturmgepäck'). The 63cms long webbing strap is not maker marked nor dated. The tan coloured strap is having two green coloured loops. Nice original strap in very good condition!

90,00 €

G43/K43 Ammo Pouch

G43/K43 Ammo Pouch (Patronentaschen G43/K43). Nice example made of 'Ersatz' material, with brown leather belt loops. The pouch is not visible maker marked or dated. This is a scarcer and harder to find type of pouch!

195,00 €

G43/K43 Ammo Pouch

G43/K43 Ammo Pouch (Patronentaschen G43/K43). Brown leather pouch with brown leather belt loops. The pouch is nicely maker marked and dated with 'ros 1944'. Nice original pouch in good condition!

110,00 €

WH 'Erdsprechgerät' Headphone 'Dfh g'

Wehrmacht 'Erdsprechgerät' Headphone (Doppelfernhörer g). The set is nicely WaA marked and dated 1944. Example in very good condition. Scarce and hard to find original piece of equipment! New Price: from 280 for 195,-!

195,00 €

Wehrmacht FF33 Field Telephone

Wehrmacht Field Telephone (Feldfernsprecher 33). Early 1937 dated example, maker marked by the company 'Stöcker & Co' from Leipzig. The telephone is complete with the original generator handle. Nice example in good used condition!

85,00 €

WH Equipment strap for non-mounted troops

Wehrmacht Equipment Strap for non-mounted troops (Mantelriemen für Fußtruppen). The strap is not visible maker marked or dated. Nice example in good used condition!

25,00 €

German (Waffen-SS) Mess Kit 31

German Mess Kit (Kochgeschirr 31). Nice aluminum and steel construction mess kit, this is the bigger version. The mess kit is marked with 'HWP 38' and 'FWBN38'. 'SS' has been engraved on both parts. Nice example in good used condition!

95,00 €

Wehrmacht fife in leather carrying case

This is a nice and scarce original German fife in leather carrying case/tube (Querflöte für Heeresmusiker). Both the flute and case are nicely WaA marked. The set is in good used condition, nice and unusual original item!

195,00 €

WH Morse Code Telegraph Key

Wehrmacht Morse Code Telegraph Key (Telegrafschlüssel). The device is complete with its original anti-slip rubber base. Very nice and quite scarce piece of equipment!

125,00 €

WH Signalman's Telecommunication Belt

WH (Heer) Signalman's Telecommunication Belt (Bauchgurt für die Nachrichtentruppe). This belt was used for climbing telephone poles. The belt is maker marked by the company of 'Auwärter & Bubeck' in Stuttgart and dated 1940, nicely WaA marked as well. Example in very good condition!

195,00 €

Complete 'Richtkreis 31' set with pouches

Complete 'Richtkreis 31' set with pouches. The Richtkreis 31 was used for the aiming of Artillery. The 'Richtkreis' comes together with the original Periscope, both complete with their original transport cases. Both the Richtkreis and Periscope are still having their original paint. Nice set!

500,00 €

RLB M30 Gasmask Canister

'Reichsluftschutzbund' (RLB) M30 Gasmask Canister (Blechbüchse M30). This is an early short model canister, dated 1936. The canister is having a never seen before RLB decal placed on the lid. Rare original canister in good condition!

140,00 €

Wehrmacht Officer's Clothing Bag

Wehrmacht Officer's Clothing Bag (Bekleidungssack für Offiziere). The (large sized) clothing bag is nicely maker marked with a RB.Nr. Nice original officer's clothing bag in very good condition!

165,00 €

LW 'Dreieckrechner DR2' & Instruction Booklet

Luftwaffe 'DR 2' Flight Navigation Computer (Dreieckrechner), complete with original instruction manual (Beschreibung und Bedienungsanleitung). Both maker marked by the company of 'Dennert & Pape' in Hamburg-Altona. Scarce original set in good condition!

225,00 €

Wehrmacht Canvas Bag

This is a Wehrmacht Canvas Bag, most likely used to store an Artillery Training Flag (Flagge für Artillerie Übungen). The bag is nicely maker marked and dated with 'dnq 41'. Nice original Artillery related bag in mint condition!

35,00 €

Wehrmacht wire cutters

Wehrmacht Combat Engineer's long wire cutters (Drahtschere). This is the large model. Nicely maker marked by the company of 'Hugo Linder, Deltawerk' in Solingen and dated 1938. Nice example in good condition!

120,00 €

Complete 'Winkelmesser 35'

Wehrmacht Gunners Quadrant for use with the 10,5cm Field Howitzer 18 (Winkelmesser 35). The set is nicely maker marked with 'bvu'. Complete with the often missing key. Nice original set!

145,00 €

Wehrmacht Wooden Battery Box

Wehrmacht Wooden Battery Box (Batteriekasten). Late war wooden example, complete with leather strap. The box is sized approximately 13 x 10 x 5 cms. Nice and scarce original item in good used condition!

80,00 €

Kriegsmarine Food Container

Kriegsmarine aluminum Food Container (Behälter). The container is nicely Kriegsmarine marked. The container is 18cms high and it is having a diameter of 20cms. Example in good used condition!

75,00 €

Wehrmacht hand-held cable reel

Wehrmacht hand-held cable reel (Abspuler), larger type. The cable reel is nicely maker marked and dated 1942. It still retains most of its original field-grey paint. Nice example in good used condition!

100,00 €
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