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Finnish Lathi/Suomi Magazine Pouch


 Finnish Lathi/Suomi Magazine Pouch as issued to carry spare magazines for example for the Lahti-Saloranta M/26 Light Machine Gun or the Suomi M31 Submachine Gun. The Suomi KP/-31 (Suomi-konepistooli m/31) is a submachine gun of Finnish design that was mainly used during World War II. The Suomi M31 is regarded by many as one of the most successful submachine guns of World War II. The German Armee Oberkommando Norwegen and Finnish SS Troops were issued the M31 from Finnish storages. The pre-war canvas pouch is complete with carrying strap. The pouch is showing a Finnish army 'SA' depot code marking. The pouch is in clearly used condition showing clear traces of usage and some staining and/or repairs. See photos. This would be a great addition to a mannequin equipped with a Suomi or Lathi. Nice original pouch in good used condition!

PLEASE NOTEthe last photo showing some pouches displayed with an M31 Suomi is only for reference and not part of the sale.

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