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G43/K43 Ammo Pouch - 'fuq 1945'


G43/K43 Ammo Pouch (Patronentaschen G43/K43). Soldiers issued with the G43 were also equipped with a single, specially designed, dual compartment, ammunition pouch. The pouch held two ten round magazines (7.92mm ammunition) and was worn on the belt. Originally the G43 ammo pouches were constructed in blackened leather, which was soon altered to ersatz in order to conserve leather. This is a later pattern 'Ersatz' type example made of a rubberized fabric material with brown leather parts and two black webbing belt loops on the back. The pouch is nicely maker marked and dated with 'fuq 1945' indicating production by the company 'Curt Vogel KG' from Cottbus, the pouch is nicely 'WaA' marked as well. This is a harder to find 1945 dated example in very good condition!

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