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German P08 Luger Holster 1942


World War 2 Wehrmacht P08 Luger Pistol Holster (Pistolentaschen P08). When issued the P08 came with a specific holster to be worn on the left side of the load carrying waist belt. World War 1 Luger Pistol holsters were of course still in use with the P08 pistol during World War 2. The darkbrown blackened leather construction hard-shell holster has two belt-loops on the back, this holster has been reissued in the post-war Norwegian Army which removed the belt-loops, both belt-loops have been restored, see photos. There is a small leather pocket in the interior of the top flap, intended for the quick loading tool. The leather holster is nicely marked and dated 'eqr 42' indicating production by the company of 'G. Passier & Sohn' from Hannover in 1942. Despite the replaced belt loops still a great original darkbrown Luger pistol holster in good used condition!

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