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WH (Heer) Gasmask with Canister


WH (Heer) Gasmask with Canister (Gasmaske M30 mit Blechbüchse M38) complete with a set of spare glasses (Klarscheiben), cleaning cloth & retaining spring, short strap and the long carrying strap. All German Army personnel were issued with a gasmask, carrying canister and accessories and were required to have it readily available at all times. Fear of the potential use of chemical warfare agents made the gasmask and canister a constant companion of the German soldier through-out the war. The M30 gasmasks were produced in a rubberized canvas with metal fittings while the M38 gasmasks were produced in molded, rubber and were also equipped with metal fittings. This is a M30 type mask with an 'FE37' type filter. The M38 canister is nicely maker marked and named to a soldier called 'Wetzel'. The canister is complete with both the long and short carrying straps, complete with leather reinfocement. A number '35' is painted in red on top of the canister. The canister is showing some minor surface rust. The set is in good untouched and uncleaned condition as found, see photos. Nice original gasmask set!

Please note: for collector purposes only, this gasmask is not intended for actual wear or usage!

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