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WH Radio Extention Cable in Transport Case


Wehrmacht Radio/Transmitter Extention Cable in Metal Transport Case (Transportkasten Vl.K.(F.bg.bf) mit Kabeltrommel). Extention cable as used for the remote control unit for the Torn.Fu.b1 and Torn.Fu.f (Vl.K.(Fbg.bf). The reel originally held a cable with 50 meters. This allowed artillery observers to move up to 100 meters forward of the position of the radio (another 50 m cable was contained in the main remote control set). The cable reel is complete with 50 meters of cable and a plug, a customer noted me that this might have been post-war reissued for regular power supply. The reel retains most of its original fieldgrey/green paint, the plate with type shield is missing from the reel. The reel is stored in its original metal transport container. The fieldgrey painted containter is stenciled 'Vl.K.(Fbg.bf)' on top, the case is nicely maker marked and dated 1942. The case is complete with its original carrying strap in slightly damaged condition, see photos. Rare original set in good used condition!

SHIPPINGdue to the size and weight of this box we will ship this only to countries inside the Euro-zone. All other countries after consultation only.

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