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Wehrmacht (Heer) M33 Marching Boots


Rare original pair of early M33 Reichswehr/Wehrmacht (Heer) lace-up jackboots (Schnallenstiefel). The M33 marching boots were oficially discontinued in 1935 but still in use in the early stages of the war and can be seen in many photos from the invasion of the Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium an the Netherlands. The boots are made of dark brown leather, complete with a fair part of their original hobnails and iron parts. The original leather laces are missing. The boots are showing faint markings. One of the boots is nicely unit marked '5./A.R.34' (Artillerie-Regiment 34). The boots are in heavily used and worn condition, the leather looks to be treated with grease once for better preservation. Other then this the boots are in heavily used and uncleaned barnfind condition as found, see photos. With some TLC this pair would display great on an early combat uniform. Extremely hard to find original pair of early M33 jackboots!

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