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NSDMB Visor Cap Eagle


NS-Marinebund (NSDMB)Visor Cap Eagle (Schirmmützenadler für Veteranen). The NSDMB (National Sozialistische Deutscher Marine Bund) or National Socialist German Navy League was the new name, adopted by its members in 1935, for the earlier "Bund Deutscher Marine Vereine". In 1938 it was attached to the NS-RKB, (Nationalsozialistische-Reichskriegerbund). The DRKB 'Deutscher Reichskriegerbund' (Kyffhäuserbund) was formed during WWI, and was based on the DKB 'Deutscher Kriegerbund', originally formed after the war of 1870-71. On 29 March 1938 the DRKB was renamed into NS-RKB 'Nationalsozialistische-Reichskriegerbund'. The eagle is complete with both prongs. The eagle is 'Ges.Gesch.' marked. Nice and hard to find original cap eagle in very good condition!

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