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DAF Werkschar Personnel's Overseas Cap


'Deutsche Arbeitsfront' Werkschar Personnel's Overseas Cap (Mütze für Werkscharen der DAF). The DAF (German Labor-front), originally founded in 1933, became an official NSDAP organization in October 1934. DAF’s most important goal was to enforce the political stability of the large mass of work force. The 'Werkscharen' were established in February 1935 and were to act as the NSDAP’s "watch-dog" in industrial factories. This is a second pattern dark blue cap having a light blue cord piping indicating Orts Gruppe level personnel. The front center of the cap has a machine woven flat-wire cap-eagle on a black, woven rayon, inverted triangular base positioned above two, small, pebbled, buttons. The cap-eagle is neatly handstitched to the cap. The grey cotton lining is complete with a RZM tag, the oilcloth tag shows both the RZM and DAF cogwheel logos, the rzm tag shows the script: 'Mütze für Werkscharen der DAF' (Cap for Labor Squads of the DAF). The cap is size '55' marked. The cap is complete with it's original leather sweat-band. The cap shows normal traces of usage and wear. These DAF overseas cap aren't easy to find, nice original example in very good condition!

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