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Luftschutz re-issued Czech Helmet


Czech M34 Helmet which has been re-issued to the 'Luftschutz', complete with decal. The RLB (Reichsluftschutzbund) was an official national organization tasked with all aspects of civil air raid defence. On 26 September 1938 a specific helmet for RLB (Reichsluftschutzbund) personnel was introduced that incorporated a raised horizontal bead between the visors and crown. These helmets were commonly called the "Gladiator" style helmet. Beside these specific Luftschutz type helmets a large amount of captured helmets from foreign nations were re-issued for Luftschutz purposes. This is a Czech M34 Helmet which has been re-issued to the Luftschutz. The helmet shows a Luftschutz decal which is placed on front, the decal is present for about 90%. The interior has the 5 liner pads present, these show only minor wear and are connected with a leather tie string. The helmet is nicely maker marked by the company of 'Bratři G&B' from Brno and dated 1938. The chinstrap is complete and present as well. Rare and hard to find helmet in very good condition!

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