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WH (Heer) Officer's M34 Overseas Cap


 WH (Heer) Officer's M34 Overseas Cap (Einheitsfeldmütze M34 für Offiziere). The Officer’s M38 overseas field cap (Schiffchen) was originally introduced on 6 December 1938 as a replacement for the old pattern isored field cap that had been introduced in March 1934. The design of the Officer’s M38 overseas cap was based on the M34 overseas cap as worn by EM/NCO’s. Originally the Officer’s M38 overseas caps, were outfitted with an identifying branch of service soutache until regulations of 10 July 1942 abolished the use of the soutache and instructed it to be removed from the caps. This is an M34 EM's type overseas cap which has been upgraded to an officer's cap by adding silver piping. On front the cap is having a nicely factory machine-sewn BeVo-woven cap-eagle and cocarde, a soutache has been removed per regulations. The cap is nicely maker marked by the 'Kasseler Mützenfabrik H. Schade' from Kassel, the cap is size '57' marked. The cap is showing some minor traces of usage and age and is in overall near mint condition, see photos. Stunning original Officer's overseas cap!

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