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WH (Heer) Winter Fur Cap


This is a nice original Wehrmacht (Heer) Winter Fur Cap (Pelzmütze). These winter caps were a standard issue item and were distributed to all EM/NCO’s for the winter season, (15 September to 15 April), with other winter garments and were to be returned to the units clothing depot in April for storage, repair and cleaning to be re-issued the following September. Although there was no official standard model of the fur cap the most commonly encountered type followed the basic pattern of the Mountain and M43 caps with fold down back and side panels designed to protect the wearer’s ears and neck. This is a standard Wehrmacht (heer) or Waffen-SS type of winter fur cap. The cap is nicely maker marked, it is a size '58' marked however period enlarged so probably around a size '60', see photos. The cap is having a tie string closure to keep the cap secured when worn folded up. The cap is in overall very good condition. Nice original Winter Fur Cap!

This fur cap originate from the collection of the recently closed Eyewitness Museum and was in display in the diorama in the last picture!

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