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'Heim ins Reich' Membership Badge


'Volksdeutsche Bewegung' (VDB) Luxemburg 'Heim ins Reich' Membership Badge (Parteiabzeichen). The Volksdeutsche Bewegung was a National Socialist party in Luxembourg during the Second World War. The party's leader was Damian Kratzenberg, a gymnasium teacher from Diekirch. After the invasion by Nazi Germany in 1940, the Volksdeutsche Bewegung became the only allowed party. The party's slogan "Heim ins Reich" (Home to the Reich) made it clear that the party's aim was to join Luxembourg in Germany. Luxembourg was actually annexed to Germany in 1942 and became part of the Reichsgau Moselland. The badge is a nice enameled example, it has a nice age patina and has never been cleaned nor polished, there is some minor enamel damage. The badge is nicely maker marked with 'F.R.'. The badge is of course complete with its functional pin/catch construction. Nice example in good used condition!

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