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BDM Group 'Berge' Pennant


BDM (Bund Deutscher Mädel) Group 'Berge' Pennant (Wimpel). The BDM was the girl's section of the Nazi youth movement 'Hitler-Jugend'. It was the only female youth organization in Nazi Germany, the 'Jungmädel' for little girls in the age of 10-14 was part of the BDM. The double sided pennant is showing a BeVo-woven HJ/BDM diamond machine-sewn to the black side of the pennant together with the chain-stitched script 'B.D.M. Berge' indicating that this pennant belonged to the BDM group of the city of 'Berge' in Lower Saxony. The other side is showing a multi-piece construction black coloured swastika on a white roundel sewn to a red cotton background. The pennant is approximately sized 86 x 76 cms. The pennant is in clearly used condition showing some small damages. Rare original unit Wimpel in good used condition!

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