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Captured US Vet Signed Wehrmacht Vehicle ID Flag


Captured US Veteran Signed Wehrmacht vehicle identification flag (Fahrzeug Erkennungsflagge). Probably one of the most recognizable items associated with the Nazi regime (third Reich) is the swastika flag. Utilized by almost all the organization of the Third Reich. This is a special flag with grommets in the corners, used for vehicle identification from the air to avoid being bombed by other German units. The banners either had the black swastika in a white field on a red background or a Balkan Cross on white on a red background, this one is showing a swastika. The single-sided multi-piece construction flag is sized approximately 194 x 93 cms and is complete with all four metal type grommets. The flag has a red cotton base with a separate, machine stitched white roundel, having a black printed on Swastika, to the center. The flag was captured by US soldiers who signed the flag and wrote their names and the names of their home towns and/or states on the flag. I did some researcht to the names and found out that 'Bob Simpson' from Marysville, Ohio during the war was a member within the '509th Parachute Infantry Regiment'. The '509th Parachute Infantry Regiment' carried out the first American combat jump during the invasion of North Africa and afterwards took part in the campaign in Italy including the seaborne landings at Anzio. On 10 December 1943 the battalion was redesignated as the 509th Parachute Infantry Battalion. During the Battle of the Bulge in late 1944, the 509th fought in Belgium to blunt the German attack. The 509th Infantry Regiment's service during World War II concluded at the end of January 1945 near St. Vith, Belgium. Of the original 700 paratroopers who entered the battle, approximately ninety-three percent were injured. Effective 1 March 1945, the 509th PIB was disbanded, and the soldiers who remained were reassigned as replacements in the U.S. 82nd Airborne Division. This flag certainly merits further investigation. Rare original US Veteran captured swastika vehicle identification flag in very good condition!

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