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German 'Max Schmeling' vs 'Joe Louis' Toy


German 'Max Schmeling' vs 'Joe Louis' Toy. Two carton figures mounted on two wooden slats which are moveable so the two figures will be boxing against each other. Joe Louis vs. Max Schmeling refers to two separate fights between the two which are among boxing's most talked about bouts. Schmeling won the first match by a knockout in round twelve, but in the second match, Louis won through a knockout in the first round. Although the two champions met to create a pugilistic spectacle remarkable on its own terms, the two fights came to embody the broader political and social conflict of the times. Moreover, as a contest between representatives of the United States and Nazi Germany during the 1930s, the fights came to symbolize the struggle between democracy and Nazism. Louis' performance in the bouts made him one of the first true African American national heroes in the United States. Since Max Schmeling lost the second fight this propaganda toy was probably produced afte the first match. The toy measures approximately 14 x 11 cms. Interesting historical item!

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