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Japanese Arisaka Type 30 Bayonet


Japanese Arisaka Type 30 Bayonet. The Type 30 Bayonet was introduced in 1897 and was the primary bayonet used in the Imperial Japanese Army, intended to be used with the Arisaka Type 30 Rifle and was later used on the Type 38 rifles. This is an early Type 30 bayonet having a hooked cross guard which was designed to catch and trap the enemy's blade. By 1942 the hook was removed to save materials and decrease production time, leaving only a straight cross guard. The bayonet is complete with scabberd, the scabberd is showing some minor surface rust. The blade is in good used condition, the bayonet is having wooden grips. The bayonet is not visible marked. Nice original Japanese bayonet in good used condition!

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