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Large Get Well Soon Card to 'General der Infanterie Schmundt'


Original period Get Well Soon Card, dated '13.August MCMXLIV' (13 August 1944). The card is measuring approximately 38 x 48 cms. When opened there is a large black&white photograph to the left, showing Wehrmacht Infantry troops together with Hitler-Youth boys marching. To the right is written "General der Infanterie Schmundt, mit den besten Wünschen für baldige Genesung!" (General of the infantry Schmudt, with the best wishes for a speedy recovery). The card is dated, Potsdam, August 1944. The card is personally signed by Generalleutnant "Specht". Specht wrote this get well soon card to 'Rudolf Schmundt', Schmundt was one of the casualties of the failed 20 July plot, planned to kill the German dictator Adolf Hitler. One of the conspirators, Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, placed a bomb in a briefcase beside Hitler. Generalmajor Heinz Brandt moved it behind a heavy table leg and unwittingly saved Hitler's life, but as a consequence, he lost his own. Severely injured in the assassination attempt, Schmundt initially made a promising recovery, but ultimately died of complications resulting from his injuries on 1 October 1944. Karl-Wilhelm Specht (22 May 1894 – 3 December 1953) was a general in the Wehrmacht, he was a recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves. He served as 'Generalinspekteur für den Führernachwuchs' (Inspector General for potential officers and NCOs) on the "Court of Military Honour," a drumhead court-martial that expelled many of the officers involved in the 20 July Plot from the army before handing them over to the People's Court. The card is in very good condition and originates out of the collection of the recently closed Eyewitness Museum. Extremely rare original piece of history!

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