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Luftwaffe 'Den Siegern von Kreta' Beer Stein


Luftwaffe 'Den Siegern von Kreta' Commemorative Beer Stein (Bierkrug). The 0,5-Liter capacity beer stein is showing a nice image of a Luftwaffe Paratrooper Badge and one of the city of 'Gardelegen' which was the garrison town of the paratroopers. The beer steins were a gift from the city of Gardelegen to the paratroopers following the 1941 parade in Gardelegen to mark the victory in Crete. The beer stein is showing some normal traces of usage and decorative small cracks in the glazed surface. The bottom is marked with the number '4022'. These original beer steins are nowadays rarely offered for sale. Rare and decorative original piece!

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