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Luftwaffe 'Krim' Campaign Shield


Luftwaffe 'Krim' Campaign Shield, mounted on a piece of Luftwaffe-grey wool. The 'Krimschild' was awarded to German soldiers under the command of 'Generalfeldmarschall Erich von Manstein' who fought and served in the Crimea area in between September 1941 and July 1942. The 'Krim' Shield was instituted on 25 July 1942. The magnetic type shield is complete with its metal back-plate and 4 prongs and still has its protective paper backing attached. There is some minor moth damage to the Luftwaffe grey wool. The shield does show great detail, it is not visible maker marked but can be attributed to production by the company of 'Wilhelm Deumer' from Lüdenscheid. Nice original Luftwaffe type 'Krim' campaign shield in good used condition!

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