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Luftwaffe Officer's Dagger


Luftwaffe Officer's Dagger (Luftwaffe Offizierdolch), complete with portepee and dagger hangers (Gehänge). This is the 2nd model LW officer's dagger which was officially introduced on 15 July 1937 along with specifically styled dagger hangers and a new pattern portepee. The dagger has a molded, white, bakelite grip with the correct diagonally silver/aluminum wire wrap. The grip is in overall good used condition. The blade is not visible maker marked. The blade is in very good condition, only showing some typical runner marks and is showing nice crossgraining when hold up against the light. The dagger comes with its original scabbard having a random pebbled pattern to both the obverse and reverse and smooth side panels. The Dagger is complete with its original Portepee and Dagger Hangers (Gehänge) as found together. The hangers are nicely 'D.R.G.M.' marked. Nice original Luftwaffe dagger in good condition!

SHIPPING: this dagger will be shipped by registered mail only, for Dutch customers with PostNL ID-check!

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