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Set of HJ/NSFK Cut-Out Paper Plane Models


This is a nice set of HJ/NSFK Cut-Out Paper Plane Models. One black&white coloured NSFK (Nationalsozialistisches Fliegerkorps) 'Bauplan Nr.1 Einführungs-Flugmodell' Plane, the other one is a HJ (Hitler-Jugend) - NSFK paper plane, printed in colour. Both are printed on thick carton paper having a size of approximately 42,5 x 30 cms. The printed text on both building plans contains detailed assembly instructions and ends with the suggestion to ask a model building instructor or NSFK member for assistance when flying this model for the first time. Decorative original period unissued paper plane models!

Shipping: due to the size of these models these can only be shipped in a parcel!

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