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Storm-SS 'Liberators' Propaganda Poster


Storm-SS 'Liberators' Propaganda Poster. The poster shows the United States as an all-destroying monster, below with the caption: "The U.S.A. will save European culture from destruction". To the bottom right is printed "Leest Storm-ᛋᛋ,' (Read Storm-SS, a Dutch SS Newspaper). The poster was designed by 'Harald Damsleth' who was a Norwegian cartoonist. He was a member of the Nasjonal Samling, the Norwegian Fascist Party. Damsleth was also a war reporter for Waffen-SS, and had a stay at the Eastern Front in 1942. The poster was published in 1944 and was intended to be hung outside in the period between 8 July to 8 August 1944. The poster is sized approximately 72 x 53 cms. The poster shows two hardly visible folding lines, the poster is showing only some minor damages, staining and traces of age and usage and is in overall very good condition, see photos. This SS Poster is hardly ever offered for sale. Scarce original period propaganda poster in very good condition!

SHIPPING: I will ship this poster rolled in a poster tube.

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