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Swastika Flag in US Souvernir Box


NSDAP - National Swastika Flag (Politische Fahne) in US Soldier's mail-home wooden souvernir box. Probably one of the most recognizable items associated with the Nazi regime (third Reich) is the swastika flag. Utilized by almost all the organization of the Third Reich. The double-sided multi-piece construction flag is sized approximately 182 x 110 cms. The dual-sided flag has a red cotton base with a separate, machine stitched white roundel, having a black printed on Swastika, to the center of each side. The flag is having a tunnel-loop to place it on a cord or pole. The flag shows some small spots and staining but is in overall good condition, see photos. The flag is stored in a wooden souvernir box from a US airforce soldier. US soldiers made these boxes to ship home with souvernirs from the war. The wooden box is made of recycled wooden crates, a December 1944 date is clearly visible. The box was sent home by 'Donald E. Casey' who was a member within the 422d Bombardment Squadron, 305th Bombardment Group which was one of the first VIII Bomber Command Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress units in England, and, was one of the most-decorated USAAF heavy-bombardment groups in the European Theater. The wooden box comes together with the Swastika Flag. Nice and decorative original display item!

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